Baintech Surface Mount Triple Housing With LCD Voltmeter

There are 2 option for the power socket: 1. BTDCM007R 2 x Ciga socket & a LCD Voltmeter 2. BTDCMCUSTOM 1 x LCD & 2 x choice of Ciga, Engel or Merit

Product details

When you’re out on the open road or water, there’s always more than one device competing for your ciga outlet’s attention: your phone, GPS, music player… and, of course, the bar fridge keeping those cans cool for the end of the day.

Now, thanks to Bainbridge Technologies, there’s no need to sacrifice a cold one for a phone call with the handy new Baintech Triple Socket (surface mount housing). Available in four socket combinations, you can be sure there’s a Baintech Triple Socket to suit your touring needs.

This model includes your basic meter: no bells and whistles, but no big price tag, either. It simply gives you a reading of the current voltage on your battery

Baintech Volt Meter sheds light on your power: Compact, affordable and easy to self-install, this single unit lets you measure the DC voltage of a single battery bank.

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